Found only in UAE, this viral pistachio kunafa chocolate is the talk of the town

Blending traditional flavours with modern appeal, the giant, crunchy sweet treats have managed to captivate a global audience, bringing a taste of Dubai to the world


Somya Mehta

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Photo: Instagram/ FIX Dessert Chocolatier
Photo: Instagram/ FIX Dessert Chocolatier

Published: Tue 9 Jul 2024, 7:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 14 Jul 2024, 1:01 PM

In the ever-evolving world of social media trends, a new sweet sensation has emerged from the heart of Dubai. Giant, crunchy chocolate bars filled with unusual and delightful flavours such as Lotus Biscoff, Kunafa (a traditional Arabic dessert also spelled knafeh), and Karak, are captivating taste buds and capturing the attention of food enthusiasts worldwide.

The viral Dubai chocolate

If going global were a food item, this would probably be it. Made in Dubai, FIX Dessert Chocolatier has taken social media by storm with this viral chocolate bar that retails for Dh68.25 with an additional delivery fee.

Available exclusively on Deliveroo, the first chocolate bar that earned this homegrown dessert spot its claim to fame was the ‘Can’t Get Knafeh of It-Hero’ chocolate bar, featuring hints of pistachio and a beautiful symphony of crunchy yet smooth textures and flavours.

With one of its latest additions ‘Baklawa 2 The Future’ and other classics like Karak infusing the aromatic spices of the popular Middle Eastern tea, these giant chunky bars pack the cultural essence of Dubai into every bite of chocolate-filled goodness, unlike any other chocolate you’ll come across.

Made in Dubai

With limited ordering slots available every day between 2pm and 5pm and spike in demand since its social media virality, founder Sarah Hamouda has single-handedly put Dubai on the global dessert map through this innovative creation.

The British-Egyptian entrepreneur, 38, created the brand back in 2021, which slowly grew in its popularity. We first saw a viral ASMR video of TikTok food influencer Maria Vehera eating a bar in her car in December 2023 — a video which has now been viewed more than 65 million times.

@mariavehera257 @fixdessertchocolatier WOW, JUST WOW!!! Can’t explain how good these are! When a chocolate, a dessert and a piece of art meet this is what you get! 🍫 "Can't Get Knafeh of it," "Mind Your Own Busicoff," and "Crazy Over Caramel." Order on Instagram Chatfood or Deliveroo and let me know what’s your FIX? Instagram : fixdessertchocolatier #asmr #foodsounds #dubai #dubaidessert ♬ оригинальный звук - mariavehera257

Since then, hundreds of content creators in the UAE and beyond have filmed their own reactions to the chocolate bar.

Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube are flooded with reviews and even DIY attempts to recreate the chocolate bars at home. The hashtag #ViralDubaiChocolate has gained immense popularity, amassing millions of views and likes.

The Celebrity Endorsement

Several high-profile celebrities have also contributed to the viral status of the chocolate bars. Most recently, renowned fashion and lifestyle mogul Mona Kattan and Dubai Bling’s Ebraheem Al Samadi took to their social media to try the viral pistachio fix in celebration of World Chocolate Day.

"Crunchy, chocolaty, milky, beautiful. This tastes like it’s going to be so good with coffee," they added in the video, which has now garnered over one million views.

The chocolate also made an appearance on the popular morning show hosted by Kris Fade, where the RJs indulged in the sweet treats and interviewed the creator behind the burgeoning chocolate empire.

Global Impact

The appeal of these chocolate bars has transcended borders, with food bloggers and celebrities from around the world joining the craze. From the United States to Europe, content creators are eager to try viral chocolate, often sharing their experiences and recipes with their followers.

What’s more? Allegedly, visitors are flying all the way to Dubai to indulge in this viral trend and are even asking friends and family to bring back the chocolate if they're visiting the city.

The DIY Trend

As the demand for these chocolate bars continues to grow, many enthusiasts are taking matters into their own hands by attempting to recreate them at home.

DIY videos and tutorials are popping up across social media platforms, with creators experimenting with different fillings and techniques to capture the essence of the original bars.

Even local content creators have jumped on the bandwagon and attempted to recreate the chocolate bar at home using DIY recipes. One of the first creators in Dubai to attempt this was social media influencer Rafeez Ahmed, widely recognised as Table For One on social platforms.

He recreated the viral knafeh-flavoured chocolate after trying the original FIX bar, along with his wife Ashika Mariam.

A video made on a whim because they found the original chocolate a tad too expensive has garnered over 7 million views on Instagram.

“The chocolate started going viral on TikTok primarily because of its unique appearance—it doesn't resemble ordinary chocolate, with thick, premium-looking layers,” says Ahmed.

But it was the limited availability which actually added to the chocolate's hype, according to the influencer. “It was only available for a short time and would sell out within minutes. I had to wait 2-3 days before I could actually purchase the chocolate without it being sold out. This scarcity was a major reason for its viral spread.”


As with anything viral, there are many creative takes on the dessert pouring in, such as Kunafa pistachio cake and cheesy Kunafa bun (Bunafa!). But nothing beats the sweetness of the original chocolate bar for now, which continues to win hearts.

Want to try one yourself? ‘Thank you for reaching out to the OFFICIAL FIX Dessert Chocolatier. We're swamped with love (and chocolate orders!) but working hard to reply ASAP!’ is the automatic response you’re likely to receive if you drop them a message on social media.

The chocolates are made in limited quantities and sell out almost as soon as new batches are added. But the popularity of these viral treats suggests it's worth the wait!


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