Craving burgers? Head to these popular joints in Dubai

There's an abundance of burger joints to check out in town

By Noopur Bangar

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Published: Wed 15 May 2024, 3:58 PM

If you're looking for the tastiest hamburgers in Dubai, you're in luck. Check out the city's premier burger restaurants, each offering mouthwatering patties with creative spins and high-quality components. Whether you want wagyu beef, vegetarian choices, or succulent fried chicken sandwiches, Dubai has a burger place that will satisfy your cravings.


The waterfront area is getting rave reviews, especially for its numerous culinary options. Among these, the burger at 3Fils is notable. This burger has a large wagyu meat surrounded by a brioche bun, lettuce, provolone cheese, and a zesty chipotle sauce. Despite its honed appearance, this burger is far from delicate—it's ready to quench your appetite in a sloppy, delicious manner.

11 Woodfire

Chef Akmal's burger created in a Michelin Guide restaurant kitchen goes beyond typical street food offerings. The wagyu beef patty is a refined highlight, placed inside a brioche bun, sitting on top of mushroom duxelles, and decorated with shredded gouda cheese and sriracha sauce. This burger represents a combination of refinement and bold tastes, ready to please diners with its delicious messiness.

Eleven Green

A new burger restaurant at Meyan Mall, managed by the cooking team of Sultan and Kinda Chatila, has rapidly gained popularity in Dubai with its remarkable opening and long lines of customers. The exceptional Bull Burger, made with wagyu beef, cheddar cheese, and beef bacon jam in a soft Hokkaido milk bun, has earned global attention and local appreciation in just a few months after launching. This burger is not only tasty but also provides great value, becoming a top choice among burger fans in the region.

Neat Burger

Though Neat Burger is not a local burger joint and may not fit into the strict definitions of a traditional burger, it plays an important role in representing vegan food in the burger arena. Established by F1 racing superstar Lewis Hamilton, this eatery provides a plant-based menu that impresses with its tasty offerings. The original Cheez burger looks like a classic American diner cheeseburger, with ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, and vegan cheese, delivering the full experience without harming any animals.

Orfali Bros

The Orfali brothers are esteemed restaurateurs in Dubai, known for their innovative and diverse culinary offerings showcased at their award-winning restaurant in Wasl 51 Mall, recognised by the Michelin Guide. Their menu features a blend of Middle Eastern and international dishes, highlighting their creativity, skill, and versatility. Among their offerings are a few wagyu burgers, which though not the most budget-friendly, are considered top contenders for the best burger due to their exceptional quality.

Sal’s Burger Kitchen

Sal's has unexpectedly become a top competitor in Dubai's burger market, gaining popularity thanks to its stellar reputation among burger lovers in the city. Situated in the Depachika food court at Nakheel Mall, Sal's signature burger puts a refined spin on a classic, made with USDA beef, cheddar cheese, a secret sauce, and served on a custom brioche bun. With its premium ingredients and attention to detail, Sal's is ready to go toe-to-toe with the top burger joints in Dubai.


This popular spot is renowned for its non-beef burger options and crispy fried chicken wedges. However, overlooking their classic chuck hamburger would be a mistake. This burger boasts American-style flair, featuring slawed cucumbers and LaLa land sauce, delivering a satisfying and flavorful experience that doesn't disappoint.


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