4L cup of coffee, giant croissant go viral in Dubai: 6 other places that serve extra-large versions of your favourite food

In a city that’s a haven for foodies, be sure not to miss out on these ginormous treats


Meher Dhanjal

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Published: Sat 27 May 2023, 2:35 PM

Last updated: Sun 28 May 2023, 12:36 PM

How much is too much? Ask a resident in Dubai and they probably wouldn't have a definite answer. The city is known to go big on everything it does – be it buildings, infrastructure or even something as basic as food.

Of late, a humongous croissant and 4-litre coffee have been going viral on social media. The magnanimity of this classic, go-to breakfast represents just truly how much people enjoy it on the regular.

This however, is definitely not the first time that a 'giant' version of a food has gone viral in the city. Let's take a look at this and some others from the recent past.

1. Giant coffee, croissant

A coffee in a mug large enough to fit 4-litres of the caffeinated beverage has now doing the rounds on social media. The extravagant meal is available at BohoX in Dubai, and the restaurant offers a giant croissant to go with it, too!

Photo: Screengrab from BohoX/Instagram
Photo: Screengrab from BohoX/Instagram

2. 5-foot long family dosa

Taking your family out for a meal? This 5-foot long dosa is sure to satisfy all members' appetites.

Brought to the table by two people (as it is too big for one person to carry), the iconic South Indian meal is fit to feed four.

3. 1-metre-long shawarma

A top contender among the most-loved street foods in the city, the timeless shawarma never gets old.

Taking into consideration that one can truly never have enough of the delicious roll, Sultan Al Arab cafeteria in Al Barsha came up with a 1-metre-long shawarma. The gigantic roll looks incredible at a glance and is served with 2 fatayers and french fries.

4. 28-inch pizza

Russo's, a pizzeria offering authentic New York-style pizza in the UAE, has been offering a 28-inch pizza.

The large, party pizza is meant to be shared with friends and family and comes with options to customise the flavours on the large flat dough base.

5. Bahubali thali

True to it's name, the Bahubali thali is perhaps the biggest thali in Dubai.

Offering more 50 types of dishes, the enormous platter carries a variety of North and South Indian food. It comes with starters, a variety of main dishes along with breads and desserts too.

Of course, Ponnusamy restaurant also does offer four glasses of rose-flavoured milk to help one wash the heavy meal down.

6. Tallest dosa

Move over Burj Khalifa, this 50cm tall tower of deliciousness is set to compete.

Offered by Yummy Dosa, this huge tower includes three loaded dosas with four layers. Each layer incorporates stuffing of three different flavours, sure to satiate one's hunger.

However, make sure you call ahead as this monstrous tower is only available on pre-order.

7. Bahubali samosa

Last, but not least is the Bahubali samosa. The huge samosa may not be enough to satisfy multiple people's appetites, but is definitely big enough to quiet down a rumbling stomach.

Weighing about 300-grams, the bahubali samosa is available at Sadak Chaap in Karama. The staff there says that one of these is equal to two regular samosas.

If a bahubali samosa is too intimidating, one can even opt for the 'chhota bahubali samosa' (small bahubali samosa), which may not seem as daunting.


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