Dubai-based Caviar unveils exclusive watch with SpaceX artefact

The luxury brand's new collection celebrates humanity's quest for knowledge with unique space-inspired designs

By CT Desk

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Published: Tue 18 Jun 2024, 2:37 PM

Last updated: Tue 18 Jun 2024, 2:42 PM

Caviar, a Dubai manufacturer renowned for its fusion of rare materials and cutting-edge technology, has introduced the Stargazer X-Edition watch, a highlight of the new Space Tornado collection. This exceptional timepiece features a dial encrusted with a fragment of the SpaceX Starship spacecraft, symbolising the allure of space exploration.

The Stargazer X-Edition, available in an extremely limited run of just three pieces, showcases a tourbillon at the 6 o'clock position, a power reserve indicator, and a day/night function. Its dial, inspired by the icy surface of Jupiter's moon Europa, evokes the mysteries of the ocean believed to lie beneath its surface. The blue hue of the dial represents this hidden ocean, which scientists speculate might harbour life.

The most distinctive feature of this watch is the embedded piece of the Starship spacecraft at the 12 o'clock mark. This rare fragment was acquired from a collector in Boca Chica, Texas, after the Starship's notable crash on March 14. This unique detail commemorates humanity's relentless pursuit of knowledge and the determination to persevere despite setbacks.

The Stargazer X-Edition is part of the broader Space Tornado series, which includes the intricate SkyWard and Twin Spin models. The SkyWard watch features a skeletonised design, offering a transparent view of its tourbillon mechanism, while the Twin Spin model boasts a dual tourbillon setup, each adorned with an "S" to signify the Space Tornado collection.

Prices for the Stargazer series start at $5490, with the exclusive Stargazer X-Edition priced at $6910. Explore the entire Space Tornado collection and experience the intersection of luxury and space-inspired innovation.


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