Play it safe and skip the salon Filed on November 3, 2020
Follow the tips and sessions on DIY-salon-at-home activities

And still keep up with your grooming routine & support your salon

We are all missing both the self-care pampering sessions and the essential grooming services that we indulged in at our favourite salons. Whilst, the salons have opened in the city and are following the precautions set down by the Dubai Municipality, it’s still advisable to stay at home, safely. So well, no, you shouldn’t get that haircut, facial and pedicure now. But you can still extend support to your stylist and salon staff. How? By buying gift cards, products, etc.? And yes, also by following their tips and sessions on DIY-salon-at-home activities.

Buy a polish and give yourself a manicure at home

“We are offering some great stay safe at home beauty quick fixes to ensure our customers feel comfortable while keeping up their beauty maintenance,” says Reem Abou Samra, owner, Laloge. Cannot wait for your colour touch up? “You can ask your stylist to whip up a mixture that you can apply at home to tide you over until the pandemic passes,” adds Reem. “Buy a polish instead and give yourself a home pedicure or manicure, instead,” suggests Reem. Or buy yourself an item from a selection of take-away hair treatments.

Should men cut their hair at home?

“Cutting hair is not as easy as people think. It is technical and not something you can learn overnight, even barbers cannot cut their own hair. If you have tried to cut your hair and it has gone wrong, you need at last 45 days for the hair to regrow before your barber can help you restyle,” shares Carlos, Founder, CG Barbershop. The only full-cut he recommends you do at home is a buzz cut. “If you are desperate to do something, the only thing we would recommend is trimming your sideburns and the extra hair on the back of your neck, in addition, you can trim your beard if you have one. This will tidy up your look and make a big difference to your appearance,” he adds.

LIVE sessions on grooming

During the lockdown earlier this year, Chivalry hosted an array of live sessions on Instagram to remain connected with their audience, and with the sole focus on the positive effects that grooming can have on anyone. "Similarly, we motivated people to even change up their outfits, hairstyles. This may seem strange to some, given that everyone had to stay indoors at that point, but it has a huge effect on mental well-being, and it was important to address this,” says Mustafa Abbas, owner/founder, Chivalry Gentlemen’s Salon, which opened its door to clients seven years ago.

Order the beauty boxes

Choose from a range of products and grooming/beauty boxes. Whether you are looking for a root touch-up DIY kit or a skin-care routine box, the online delivery options are many. Scour through the Self Care Package from Beauty Solutions, Glam Glow sets from Tips & Toes, spa-range by Marks and Spencer, and more.


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