New makeup device lets you create your own lipsticks on the go

Filed on October 5, 2020 | Last updated on October 5, 2020 at 06.11 pm

LipsKit is an innovative tool with sustainability at its core

A vanity case full of half-used or barely-used lipsticks. You don't have the heart to throw them away - either because of how much you spent on them or because you're unsure if they'll come in handy someday. You know, what if?

It's almost every woman's dilemma, but a new game-changing DIY makeup tool in the UAE promises to be the answer to those wasteful woes. LipsKit by GoPlay Cosmetics is an innovative and sustainable makeup device that now allows you to create your favourite lip colour instantly, wherever you are.

The kit comes with five highly pigmented colour cartridges in a single holder, five empty reusable jars to mix the colours in, and a chart with 'recipes' for 20 colours. The device allows one to simply pick a desired shade, and create it by pumping a combination of cartridges a certain number of times to get the correct hue using the colour chart. The texture of the shade can even be tweaked from matte to moist to tint, with the additional 'moisture drops' that come in the kit. What's more, the chart is only a guide; the colour possibilities are technically limitless if you're up for some experimentation.

New makeup device lets you create your own lipsticks on the go (KT26298105.JPG)

The product was created by founder Mugdha Hedaoo, an avid makeup enthusiast herself, who decided to design a solution after a reality check about the amount of cosmetic waste she had accumulated over the years. It took more than a year of research and development, as well as dozens of prototypes, before being launched in Singapore last year. The founder says the product is aimed at every woman who wants the "freedom to create and control their lip shades and textures, while reducing their plastic footprint in the long run".

Sustainability is at the core of Mugdha's ethos, which is why the kit involves reusable components, and vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free cartridges. Early reviews are positive, with users noting the colours are long-lasting, although they'd appreciate an even more compact design that would allow them to carry the device around for on-the-go application.

The makeup brand is currently working on plans to launch an eyekit and more colour spectrums soon.