UAE: Upcoming art events to mark in your calendars

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by Purva Grover

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Sophie Tea x Hyde Dubai
Sophie Tea x Hyde Dubai

Published: Thu 8 Dec 2022, 5:03 PM

Love doesn’t stop

Artist Sophie Tea will be in Dubai to take over the penthouse of the Hyde Hotel Dubai, turning it into a Hydden Gem, a creative haven for modern travellers featuring her whimsical masterpieces. Visitors will get to enjoy her art displayed across the hotel as well at a Sophie Tea-themed high tea. On display would be artworks from her Love Doesn’t Stop collection, with vibrant art pieces that exude positivity and energy, vivid reminders for people that they are loved, continuously, despite the hardships placed on relationships during the pandemic. Sophie is known for having disrupted the traditional gallery route by making her name through social media, and hundreds of thousands have fallen in love with her rebellious spirit and her colourful and abstract work that celebrates the female form and women’s empowerment. “We’ve always believed that there should be space for art everywhere so that more people can appreciate and be inspired by it. Sophie Tea has been a pivotal part of this movement and we are happy to collaborate with her,” said Luke James, general manager, Hyde Hotel Dubai.

December 8 onwards

Hope, an unhealable wound

Fann À Porter, The Workshop Dubai, will be hosting One Wound, One Smile, a solo exhibition by Syrian painter Majd Kurdieh. In Kurdieh’s distinctive fashion, complex human emotions and experiences are made discernible through characters and elements. Sadness is as big as a whale. Sorrow is a flood, its waves crashing. The wound is nostalgia, hope, and sorrow all at once. The heart is a fish, finding its place in the vast ocean of this world. She is beauty. He is desire. And together, Fasoon and Fasooneh are the greatest prize life has to offer. Two seemingly opposing forces appear again and again in Majd Kurdieh’s latest exhibition. The wound is one, the smile is the other. “While the wound appears clearly in a few paintings, it is silently present in every detail. One of the best-known unhealable wounds is hope. Yet, ironically, we smile when we possess it. Through this flood of hardship, the waves crash, and hope, which could appear as a defect in the brain, is something every living human holds on to — even if it’s only the hope that the sun will rise again. Sometimes we smile, not because of something great, but because we found a safe haven in the midst of the flood. This smile, which is incomplete as we remember the ones that still crash through the waves, can be made whole only by the other,” said Majd Kurdieh.

From December 6, until January 6

Purva Grover

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