Align your life: Live Light

Align your life: Live Light

The report published by the Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee (ISIC) highlights the role of lifestyle factors in CVD mortality risk reduction, the epidemiological evidence on coffee and CVD mortality.

By Shivani Adalja

Published: Sat 27 Jun 2015, 8:17 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 3:06 PM

We all have lost something precious in our lives and been through sorrow and grief. The lives we lead are vastly different and yet we are all connected through our journeys and similar experiences.

Some of you may have lost a loved one, while some are struggling with health. Some are constantly searching for love or mental peace. The quest is endless and yet we are all on the same path, living the same life. For some, the pain is unbearable while some find ways to cope – either through food, smoking, drinking or simply falling into the endless pit called depression. So where does this journey finally end? Is there any happy ending?

Having been through such a journey myself, I can surely tell you that yes, there is a possibility for a happy ending and things can turn around anytime you want. Sounds easy? I can confidently tell you that it is indeed very easy. No matter what your sorrow, problem or grief is, there is always a way out.

The first step to freedom is learning to choose a right thought. If you are constantly self-doubting and get bogged down easily by negative thoughts, simply choose a positive thought pattern. Choosing happy and positive thoughts sets you in the right frame of mind to face the challenges ahead.

Positive self talk is a big step towards the recovery. Many people are not even aware that they discourage themselves all the time. Don’t believe me? How often have you looked in the mirror and told yourself, “ I am fat, I am good for nothing, I hate myself.”

This talk when repeated on daily basis becomes part of your belief system and seeps into your subconscious mind. It’s now time to say motivating things to yourself, “ I am happy, I am working towards improving my health, I am safe and secure.” Repeating these on daily basis will help you to replace the old thoughts with the new ones and before you know it, they will be part of your belief system.

Forgive yourself. We all make mistakes. We all stumble and fall. It’s what life is all about. Holding a grudge towards yourself is more harmful than gulping down a bottle of poison. You wont be able to move on until your mind, body and soul are integrated into oneness. So take the first step and learn to get over your mistakes.

And last but not the least, let all the excess baggage fall off. Old relationships, painful memories or an unpleasant past has no place in your life. So throw it out of your life. It could be breaking off relationships, throwing away old things or simply disconnecting mentally from your past.

Once you learn the art of living light, life wont seem like a burden anymore!

Shivani Adalja is a Dubai-based wellbeing expert. She runs the Alignment Insitute which offers effective solutions that focus on stress management and overall wellbeing. Email

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