6 ways to make your weekend productive

6 ways to make your weekend productive

Plan your weekend rather than realizing it's over!

By Anita Iyer

Published: Thu 9 Feb 2017, 3:09 PM

Last updated: Fri 10 Feb 2017, 10:23 AM

How often does it happen that you plan to make the weekend worthwhile but end up lazing on your couch, only to find out that the work week will begin the next morning?
In the hectic lives we lead, we look forward to the weekends to recharge our batteries. While it might be hard to get off your bed and get going, don't forget that weekends are the only time to pursue activities you aspire to do.
We bring to you six tips to make your weekends productive:
As absurd at it sounds, planning the weekend is better than realizing it's over. Set aside tasks you intend to do over the weekend - shopping, household chores, meeting family, and friends, catching the movie and allot time for them. You do allot time on weekdays but it isn't a bad idea to time your weekends too - trust us!
While it might be difficult for few to completely unplug from work, it is important to not think about work at least once a week. Avoid checking your mails as your phone rings hours before logging off. Keep away from your laptop for a day and feel refreshed as you start your week.   
You might want to clock in those sleep-deprived hours over the weekend but it might not be a good idea necessarily as it disturbs your natural pattern. You will end up wasting half your day and also feel groggy. Maybe you could sleep for 2-3 hours extra before beginning your weekend.
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If you are the ones who can't fit in an exercise over the hectic week, take the opportunity over the weekend. Exercising two days a week is still better than no exercise at all. Even little amounts of exercise counts and a 10-minute workout can also add to a healthy life. As they say, you can increase your life by 5 to 10 years by leading an active life.
Weekends are the only time to shake your routine so try variations rather than sticking to a schedule. Don't start your day getting your chores in order but may be go for a walk and then proceed with your day.  Also, you don't have to have to hit the boring gym every weekend but cram in any form of exercise you enjoy - running, cycling, hitting the gym, aerobics or aerial yoga!
Amid all the chaos, don't forget that weekends are for rejuvenate yourself. Take out time for yourself, may be schedule a relaxing massage or catch up with family. It is important to take a break and reflect inwards about the where is it that you need to reach in life and what is your road map to get there. Silence yourself and engage in these thoughts once in a while.
Now that you have everything planned, go ahead and enjoy the week. Instead of dreading the thought of the approaching work week, embrace it as a challenge and get started!
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