5 ways you are damaging your lips

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5 ways you are damaging your lips

Here's what you can do to protect your pout.

By Neelam Keswani

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Published: Tue 12 Sep 2017, 4:08 PM

Last updated: Tue 12 Sep 2017, 6:13 PM

As women, one journey we have all made from start to finish together is from the chapstick to the lipstick. We start with petroleum jelly in elementary school, to cherry chapsticks in middle school, from frosted glosses in junior high to our first (poorly applied) semi-matte lipstick at the high school prom, finally leading us into the world of demi-mattes, matte-glosses, liquid lipsticks and pure mattes.

From gossip and games, to the giddy chatter in anticipation of that first public speech to the first interview -- our lips go through a lot, without us ever realising. Lip care is an important aspect of our skincare routine, although it's often taken into consideration as an afterthought.

Here's a list of all the things you are unwittingly doing that can damage your lips:

1. You're not drinking enough water: Lips are covered in a thin film of skin, which needs water to keep its pink, plump form. Flush out toxins with the detoxifying qualities of water.

2. Your cherry chapstick is chapping you up: Sticky, waxy chapsticks and lipsticks have salicylic acid that removes the top layer of skin. This is good if you love exfoliation, but the more you use, the more you'll need to use. The thickness of the wax will also block air and moisture from entering your lips. Steer clear of chapsticks and lipsticks with this ingredient and opt for thin, quick-drying formulae.

3. You're chasing pipe dreams: Over time, tobacco can discolour lips, and cause them to look grey. The best solution - quit!

4. You're not scrubbing off dead, dry skin: When you forget to exfoliate dead skin off your lips, you allow them to bear damage. If you want the perfect pout, you must frequently exfoliate them.

5. You do not use a solar guard for your lips: Sun damage is a real thing for every part of your body, and that includes your lips. Opt for a lip-balm with an SPF 15+ that will keep your lips looking juicy and feeling protected.

Neelam Keswani is founder of Glamazle.com

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