Want to attend a Dubai concert? How to grab tickets, 'early bird' deals; your complete guide

Mass consumption of digital music cannot beat the unique experience of being at a live musical performance


Elizabeth Gonzales

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Published: Sun 19 May 2024, 1:44 PM

Last updated: Tue 21 May 2024, 3:19 PM

Dubai regularly offers its residents and visitors great concert line ups, bringing some of the biggest names in the industry like Ed Sheeran, Hans Zimmer, Charlie Puth, and Demi Lovato among others.

With so much musical performances from international artists and local talents being organised in the emirate, it can be challenging to keep track of all the gigs.

Sometimes, concert tickets can be expensive. Do you want to explore the Dubai concert scene without breaking the bank? Here's your guide:

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Look up the Dubai Calendar

Keeping up with the musical entertainment listings makes it easier to plan your schedule and budget your finances.

You can check the Dubai calendar through Visitdubai.com, the official events calendar of the city, where you can see event listings, as well as attractions and trip plans.

Go to the website and click 'Dubai Calendar' to know what shows are happening and when. To see if there are available promos and discounts to the concert you want to attend, click 'Deals & Offers'.

You can also download the Dubai calendar app. Switch on your app alerts so you'll get notifications for shows, as well as discounts and deals.

Check out ticketing websites

Ticket-selling platforms, such as Platimumlist, Coca-Cola arena, Virgin Megastore, and Ticketmaster, offer a variety of concert listings.

By checking these websites, you can see all the upcoming concerts in Dubai. You will also see how much it costs, helping you decide which shows to attend.

Always be on the look out for 'early bird' deals, where they offer you a discount when you buy the tickets weeks or days in advance.

When buying your concert tickets from Platinumlist and Ticketmaster, for instance, if the show you're going to has a promotion, you can just type in the promo code, then you're set.

Some websites don't give out your tickets right after you paid for them. When you book tickets from Coca-cola arena, you have to remember that they will send your E-Tickets seven days before the event day. Make sure to check your email so you don't miss it.

Look for authorised resellers

Did you try to buy a concert ticket from official ticket selling platforms but couldn't get one? Sometimes, the demands for concert tickets are so high that they get sold out before you can even buy them.

It's time to consider buying tickets from official resellers. Make sure that the resellers you're looking to buy from are authorised, since reselling tickets is illegal in Dubai.

Songkick is one such website, where you can buy tickets from. You can also find concert tickets on tickets-event.

Legally sell your ticket

It may be possible that you bought your concert tickets in advance, but due to a change in circumstance such as a shift in your schedule or financial situation, you wouldn't be able to make it to the show.

It's a good thing that you can resell your ticket instead of letting it go to waste.

You can resell tickets you purchased from Coca-Cola arena as long as you're able to get prior written consent from them.

Tickets you purchased from Platinumlist can be resold by logging in to your account and hitting 'Sell'.

Remember that while the website may allow you to resell at a much higher value, it is still subject to the website's approval. It is also worth noting Platinumlist will charge you an administrative fee, in addition to the appropriate tax.

Ticketmaster allows you to resell your tickets by logging in to your account and hitting 'Sell'. However, unlike Platinumlist, you can't sell your Ticketmaster tickets at a higher price. Once you're done selling, you will then receive a notification with your sales number. Whoever ends up buying your ticket will be sent with a new code.


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