UAE: Is it mandatory for Golden Visa holders to buy health insurance?

A KT reader asks if they need to purchase the same for themselves and their family


Ashish Mehta

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Published: Sun 11 Dec 2022, 8:47 AM

Last updated: Sun 11 Dec 2022, 4:17 PM

Question: I am a Golden Visa holder in Dubai. Is purchasing health insurance mandatory for me and my family members? I got the long-term visa based on my investments. Please advise.

Response: Pursuant to your queries, it is assumed that you’re a resident of Dubai. Since Golden Visas are self-sponsored, you shall have certain specific obligations with respect to obtaining insurance for yourself and your family members (whose UAE visas are under your sponsorship) under the provisions of Dubai Health Insurance Law No 11 of 2013.

Under the law, the sponsor shall be obliged to (1) cover the persons sponsored thereby if they have not been covered by the employer thereof; (2) bear the cost of such health insurance coverage rather than making the beneficiaries bear such costs; (3) verify that the health insurance of the persons sponsored thereby is valid for the length of their residence or visiting period; (4) bear the health services and medical intervention costs in emergencies for any of the persons sponsored thereby if any of them don’t have health insurance; (5) Give the persons sponsored thereby the health insurance card; (6) provide the health insurance policy upon the residence or visiting issuance or renewal of the persons sponsored thereby; and (7) any other obligations specified by the Authority pursuant to the resolutions issued thereby in such concern.

According to provisions of Article 11, the sponsor shall be required to mandatorily purchase health insurance for himself and his family members, even for the Golden Visa holder.

Notably, Golden Visa holders in the UAE with an Esaad Privilege Card (from Dubai Police) are offered special offers/discounts on many products and services, including insurance policies. Esaad Privilege Card holders may contact insurance brokers in Dubai for more information.


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