UAE school holidays: Free entry for children to Dubai Crocodile Park

Tickets to the park cost Dh95 for adults and Dh75 for children during the year


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Published: Mon 24 Jun 2024, 3:10 PM

Last updated: Mon 24 Jun 2024, 10:01 PM

The Dubai Crocodile Park has allowed free entry for children aged up to 11 years during July and August when schools are closed for the summer break.

“Dubai Crocodile Park is passionate about inspiring the young minds of Dubai and is offering free admission to children during the July and August holidays,” it said in a statement on Monday.

Tickets to Dubai Crocodile Park cost Dh95 for adults and Dh75 for children during the year. However, children aged up to 3 years have free admission during the year.

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Crocodiles, among the oldest creatures on Earth, play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance within their natural habitats. Currently, these creatures face numerous threats to their survival, including poaching, habitat loss, and climate change. Studies indicate that some species of crocodiles may face the risk of extinction if serious conservation measures are not implemented.

Dubai Crocodile Park announced the commencement of the annual nesting season in May, a remarkable time when female Nile Crocodiles lay their eggs in specially designated nesting areas within the park.

Experts at the Dubai Crocodile Park collect the eggs shortly after laying. Each nest is meticulously examined to record parameters such as temperature, size, and shell quality. This process not only aids in conservation efforts but also provides invaluable insights into the health of the crocodile population.

Once hatched, the mother crocodile tenderly carries her offspring in her mouth to the water, significantly increasing their chances of survival. Despite meticulous care, the journey from hatchling to adulthood is fraught with challenges, with only 1 per cent of wild hatchlings typically reaching maturity due to various predators.

Recently, the Park also organised an event for a group of content creators to raise awareness about the importance of crocodiles and the necessity of their protection, coinciding with the celebration of World Crocodile Day.


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