Dubai: RTA launches travel behaviour survey

Running from January to June, the poll will cover 7,000 respondents from Dubai and neighbouring emirates


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Published: Sun 8 Jan 2023, 4:24 PM

Last updated: Sun 8 Jan 2023, 10:13 PM

Families and individuals who live or work in Dubai are invited to take part in the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) new Travel Behaviour Survey.

The poll will run from January to June this year and cover more than 7,000 samples of the population in Dubai and its neighbouring emirates, the RTA said in an announcement on Sunday. It will include 5,000 families (citizens and residents); 1,500 individuals visiting or working in Dubai; and 500 cargo transport companies operating in Dubai.

Special incentives await respondents who successfully complete the survey, the authority said in the questionnaire's introduction.

Launching the poll is part of the RTA's efforts to enhance roads and public transport networks and services. The goal, it added, is to provide a smooth and safe transportation experience for the public in line with the emirate's ambitious Urban Plan 2040.

"Over the next few days, the RTA would launch a survey to measure the mobility trends and behaviours of residents and visitors of Dubai. Communication channels with the public would include home questionnaires, field visits, personal interviews, and online interviews, including via smart apps," said Muna Al Osaimi, director of the RTA's Transportation Strategic Planning, Strategy and Corporate Governance Sector.


"The process involves the use of artificial intelligence technologies to reach the largest possible number of individuals."

The results of the survey will be collected, analysed, and studied to come up with the most accurate findings.

"Such deliverables will assist RTA in updating its strategic and operational plans for the road network and mass transport systems, including the Dubai Metro and Tram, public buses, marine transit means as well as individual and soft mobility means," Al Osaimi added.

Those interested in participating in this survey can do so on via this link.

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