Things to consider before renting a home in Dubai

If you’re planning on renting an apartment in Dubai, these are the things you need to consider before you make your pick.


Rida Jaleel

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Published: Tue 17 Jan 2023, 11:04 AM

Last updated: Mon 23 Jan 2023, 3:42 PM

Dubai is a city of possibilities and options, but that does not always mean that it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. A home is not just the place you come back to after work; it is your haven and where you’ll be making most of your memories for the next few years or so. Figuring out the rental options in Dubai is a herculean task, but it’s not impossible. Regardless of your budget, it is possible to find and rent a good place for yourself and your family, if you do the right kind of research and are adequately prepared. Below are a few things that you ought to consider before finding and locking in your next home for you and your family:

Figure out what you want

Naturally, the first thing to decide is the kind of place you want to rent. Depending on the number of occupants and the space you’d require, you can narrow down the nature of your next place. Are you looking to rent an apartment, a villa, a penthouse, a townhouse, or a flatshare? Are you a student looking for student housing? Different residential options come with different pros and cons. Once you decide on the required nature, space, and number of rooms, you can start scouting for options.


While some like the bustle and accessibility of a city centre, some others like the quietness and privacy of a residential complex. Once you determine the kind of place you want to rent, you can narrow in on the kind of location you see yourself living in. If you’re a single, working individual or couple, living in the city centres might prove to be worth every single penny. Students studying in the various universities in the city might enjoy the collective spirit and amenities of a student-friendly area.

The location is also of great importance depending on the nature of your family. If you have young children, you will naturally want good schools and/or crèches located close by. An ideal area would be self-sufficient – within walking distance of supermarkets, dry cleaners, restaurants, and shopping options. For those without a vehicle of their own, proximity to the Dubai Metro and other public transport would be indispensable. And if you or someone in your family is a person of determination, you would have to make sure that the apartment/house has a ramp and is disability-friendly.

Rental rates and budget

Once you’ve decided on the type and location of your choice, naturally, the next step is to decide your budget for renting. A common rule of thumb is not to spend more than 25-30% of your salary on your rent. While allocating funds for rent, also remember to set aside a contingency fund for other unforeseen expenses that may inevitably come along while shifting houses, especially in the beginning stages.


Nothing good comes in life without doing your own legwork. The first step to consider in finding the apartment of your dreams is to do as much research on your own as you can. Frequenting websites like Buzzon, Dubizzle, Property Finder, Bayut, and Houza will give you a good first glance into the rental market of Dubai. If a place catches your fancy, send a rental enquiry via the website or email, and negotiate the prices and facilities. Visiting the property is the best way to get a clear picture of the place and everything that it has to offer.

It is best to hire the services of a trusted packers and movers for your move.
It is best to hire the services of a trusted packers and movers for your move.

Consult a realtor

If you’re not confident enough to go house-hunting online and can afford one, consulting and hiring the services of a trusted realtor or an agent is a great way to go. These realtors will narrow down and show you rental places that better fit your bill. This is a good way to save up on time and energy while looking for a place as they can complete all the paperwork and other formalities. However, know that you must pay the realtors a cut for their services.


According to the Civil Code of UAE (Federal Law No. 5/1985), the landlord is supposed to undertake the responsibility of the maintenance and repair of the property once leased. While the specifications would be mentioned in the respective tenancy contract, it is permissible for the tenant to even cancel the lease and apply for complaint if the landlord does not honour this law.

Rental terms

You can register for an Ejari certificate both offline (through typing centres) as well as online (through Dubai Land Department's website)
You can register for an Ejari certificate both offline (through typing centres) as well as online (through Dubai Land Department's website)

Once you finalize on your place of choice, preparing and signing the Tenancy Contract (Rental Agreement) is the next and most important step. It is this contract that is legally binding and involves the specifications of your lease as well the rental duties and obligations of both the landlord and the tenant(s). It also has the Ejari registration. ‘Ejari’ which literally translates to ‘My Rent’ is an online registration system that makes the tenancy agreement - including renewals, cancellations, and terminations - entirely digitised and transparent.

Other considerations

Some other things that ought to be considered before moving is:

Furnishing: An important thing to decide is if you require an unfurnished, semi-furnished, or fully furnished place. If you’re brand-new to Dubai and don’t possess any furniture of your own, you could choose a fully furnished apartment. However, if this isn’t your first moving rodeo, chances are that you already own the essentials. Many landlords lease out select pieces of home equipment like refrigerators and cooking ranges for the lease period.

Parking services: For some properties, there are allocated parking services for free, whereas, for others, there aren’t.

Pet-friendliness: If you’re a pet parent, you will have to make sure that your area is pet-friendly.

Neighbours: The presence of cooperative and safe neighbours is another consideration that you will have to make.

Choosing a home for yourself is never easy and often entails a million things to think about. However, it’s going to be easier if you streamline your search and keep the aforementioned things in mind. We at Khaleej Times wish you happy house-hunting!

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