Fireworks, hearty meals, spa treatments: 11 ways to spend Eid Al Fitr in UAE if you are away from family, loved ones

There are plenty of options for those living alone to enjoy the festive atmosphere during the long weekend


Ashwani Kumar

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Photo by Shihab
Photo by Shihab

Published: Thu 20 Apr 2023, 8:00 AM

Last updated: Thu 20 Apr 2023, 2:08 PM

While the world around you seems to be on a countdown to celebrate Eid Al Fitr with short breaks and trips abroad, it’s difficult set of holidays to endure for those who are alone or away from their families, and haven’t made any particular plans for the festival.

Eid Al Fitr is after all a time for getting together with families and friends. However, there are several ways for those living alone to enjoy the celebrations during the holidays. Here are some tips to have fun this Eid:

1. Wear your favourite clothes

Buying a set of new clothes can be an ideal way to prepare for the celebrations. There are several discounts and special offers to grab the best dress for the occasion without burning a hole in your pocket.

2. Clean and decorate your home

Cleaning and decorating houses is not a ‘ritual’ for just families. Eid can be a good excuse for those living alone or in shared accommodation to tidy up your room and decorate it. Get set for a full-blown cleaning of every nook and corner of your room.

3. Add holiday cheer with Eid gifts

Giving gifts to loved ones is an amazing act, which has a positive impact on your mental health. Again, big and small gift shops are giving loads of discounts too.

4. Make a call to your loved ones

After morning prayers, a phone call is an apt manner to start your day. A call to family back home and updates on festivities there will help drive your loneliness away. And there are several apps to make free video calls so that you can see your loved ones and talk.

5. Text messages, send e-cards

Spread joy by sending ‘Eid Mubarak’ messages to those in your contacts. Make a list of people you usually forget to greet and then you find their messages pop up by afternoon during previous festivals. This time, be the first one to surprise them with a cheerful message.

6. Cook a hearty meal

Try to cook mutton or chicken biryani, and then share it with someone else you know is staying alone. Sharing food during this festival is going to be a fulfilling experience.

7. Enjoy a meal at your favourite restaurant

If you don’t fancy cooking, don’t know how to make a meal, or don’t have access to a kitchen, these holidays are a good time to indulge in mouth-watering delicacies at your favourite restaurant.

8. Pamper yourself with spa treatments

Rejuvenate your body with different packages on offer this week. A massage, facial, detox and more with pool and beach access will be quite an experience.

9. Go to events, movies and make new friends

There are several events happening across different emirates. From fireworks, concerts, activities and movies there is something for all age groups.

10. Have an open house, invite friends or neighbours

Plan a get together with your friends. And if you are new to the city, try inviting your neighbours. Either you can cook together or order something.

11. Hit the road on a long drive

These holidays can be best utilised with long road trips. The UAE is a treasure trove of places to explore with stunning beaches, mountains, deserts and nights spent gazing at the stars.


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