Dubai artist spreads positivity through doodles

Dubai - The artist reveals in a chat with City Times what inspired him to fine-tune a trademark doodling style.

By Husain Rizvi

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Published: Thu 16 Sep 2021, 11:14 AM

Last updated: Thu 16 Sep 2021, 2:51 PM

Did you know? Doodling, an underrated art form is a brilliant way to experiment with your art skills. Some may even argue that the simplest form of doodling may not be as random as we think since the scribbles are a representation of our brains.

For Sijin Gopinathan, a Dubai-based Indian artist who works as a UI Designer, the art form represents a mix of emotions; he wants to spread positive thoughts through his work. Gopinathan uses different means for his artwork which include virtual and augmented reality, neon paint, conductive ink paint and many more. The contrasting qualities are displayed in all of his art projects.

Gopinathan has also live painted on many occasions. He is the first doodle artist in Dubai who live painted on a Mini Cooper during World Art Dubai 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Center. Other than that, Gopinathan has done five solo art exhibitions, over 20 group art exhibitions, seven art direction events and several non-profitable art workshops for children. Now, Gopinathan is also working on a global art campaign to create awareness of the mass deaths of birds across the globe.

Wanting to share his knowledge with emerging artists, Gopinathan also created an art group, “The Artist Network”, a platform where inspirational artworks are shared to motivate emerging artists across the world. The group also hosts exhibitions, live paintings, creative workshops and more.

In a conversation with City Times, Gopinathan talks about his goals and how live painting is a challenging process.

Why do you do what you do? As an artist, what are the goals you have set?

It’s a mix of emotions and while working on an art project, I always try to spread positive thoughts because I don’t encourage negativity and another reason is that, a good percentage of the world loves to buy encouraging and positive-themed artwork.

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Art is my life and passion. I am really thankful to my parents since they allowed me to follow and chase my dreams and create beautiful pieces of art. These days, I am painting and doing artwork every night till early morning to make my name in the world. Now, I have got the title of Doodle Rockstar.

Tell us more about your form of art.

I am a keen observer of the nature, society and cultural diversities of the people who surround me. Most of my works are real depictions. Some of my doodle artworks including Re-Birth, Motherhood, The Vision, Gift of Life, the Saint, are real-life characters.

My style of artwork is a mix of fantasy and reality in a positive way, and I want to spread positive vibes through my artwork. India, as a culturally rich country with more than 2000 years of traditional growth, inspires an artist like me. Moreover, the quote from Van Gogh, “I dream my painting and I paint my dream,” keeps me going.

You have live painted before, describe that experience.

At a live painting, the work pressure is high because we need to perform in front of the audience and the time is limited. So, in the given timeframe, we need to complete the art and it’s a challenging process. But, I love it. When I interact with an international audience, I get a lot of creative knowledge and ideas due to cultural diversity.

What is the message you want to portray through your art?

As a global artist, I want to spread positivity, love and happiness through art. I follow the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “In a gentle way you can shake the world.”

What advice would you give to beginners in your field?

The creative field is always a challenge for new artists. Usually, in the beginning, we need proper guidance for choosing the right path. I am so fortunate to have had a guide. Here in Dubai, the situation was very different. I saw a variety of art forms from different nationalities and honestly, the healthy competition was really high.

At that point, I realised, the regular art forms cannot be noticeable and hence decided to carve and develop a trademark doodle style. As a result, I am getting good opportunities now and I try to make the most of those opportunities by creating unique projects.

Also, I always find time to connect and have discussions with new artists and love to give guidance to upcoming artists for their improvement. I never waste any chance to learn new things to develop my skills.

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