Day 1 after UAE summer holidays: Why I'm excited to embrace the new school year

Emirati student Sara Saeed Almheiri of Gems Al Barsha National School describes how she prepared for the new academic year


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Published: Mon 28 Aug 2023, 3:59 PM

Last updated: Wed 30 Aug 2023, 5:49 PM

Returning to school after a two-month break can be both exciting and challenging. While it might take a little time to readjust, I am confident I’ll find myself back in the swing of things sooner than I think. This morning when I woke up, I felt refreshed and prepared for the new academic year.

Taking time to relax and rest has made me feel open-minded for the upcoming year. I tried to shut down around 8pm yesterday, read a book, and then read the Holy Quran. I also helped my siblings before getting ready for bed.

As I am a Year 11 student, I can anticipate the pressure of senior school and the forthcoming exams that I’ll have to undertake this year. These can often be meaningful life experiences but also daunting. So, the idea is to approach everything with a learning mindset and set small goals so that I feel fully prepared ahead of my main examinations.

My parents have assisted me in becoming at ease with school and feeling ready for the approaching academic year. My father aids me in enhancing my Arabic language proficiency, while my mother assists me with mathematics. Both of them provide support for my academic progress as well as my overall well-being. For instance, in cases where I may not have performed as strongly in an exam, my parents guide me in self-reflection and help me grasp ways to enhance myself and cultivate greater resilience.

In the upcoming year, I'm excited about embracing additional leadership responsibilities, enhancing my skills and knowledge, and fostering my personal growth. I'm also eager to expand upon the strong foundation of knowledge I built during the previous academic year. My aim is to dedicate myself to diligent effort, striving to become a well-rounded and improved version of myself throughout this year.

As told to Nandini Sircar


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