Thank you UAE for showering love and care

Published: Tue 28 Apr 2020, 10:24 AM

Last updated: Tue 28 Apr 2020, 12:26 PM

I will be ever grateful for the proactive nature of this nation and the truly accepting and helpful nature of the leadership that stands with and appreciates every little work of humanity that has helped get this far in this chapter in history. As a tourist in this country, I was welcomed and shown kindness in the most unexpected ways. The multicultural facet this country brings into professional and personal circles and circumstances truly touched my heart when people opened their doors and hearts to me as a single woman traveller. I made friends in the most unexpected ways and places. These friendships came without any warning or agenda. They just breezed into my life and stayed to help, to connect, and to be the sunshine on cloudy days. They shared with me the warmth and acceptance they felt being a part of the multicultural diaspora that live and work here. When hearts are so full of gratitude, it is difficult not to let it overflow and share with others like me. 
My family continues to be stuck under lockdown in another Middle Eastern country and I cannot help but wonder how the UAE has been the only country proactively taking care of the people here be it residents or tourists. To have a visa extension under the current lockdown conditions has been such a relief for those without much financial backing. The measures taken to support public to have access to stores, regulate prices of daily needs, the access to daily meals and how the amazing hearts of people have opened to help the fraternity who may not be able to afford as much, the measures to counter job losses, huge exercises to maintain lockdown while sanitizing public transport and entire cities, highest tests being conducted...the list goes on. The task would have at first seemed so impossible but the leadership made people believe and hence it became possible.
To bring together humanity to work for a common cause by accepting differences in beliefs and backgrounds and yet showing them to look beyond all of that is truly leadership at its best.  It is the language I hear spoken in every part of this country. -Indrakshi Dcosta, Dubai

By Indrakshi Dcosta

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