Sleepy kids: Who’s to blame?

This is in response to the report on sleep-deprived school kids.

Children wake up at 5.30a.m, catch the bus at 6.30am and return home at 3:00p.m, and try to finish their utterly useless projects and homework till late in the night. Students are forced to go to bed late and wake up early. That’s how the system wills it.

What kind of an education is this when kids don’t get any time to do go out and play, or sleep? These projects are mainly done to show education authorities how well the school is doing and does not keep the welfare of the students in mind. All the load is put on the student and teachers’ think they’ve done their bit for the sake of education.

The truth is this: education really kills in this system. It’s not for the children; it’s only against the children.

By law, a human is only allowed to work for a maximum of eight hours, but the system makes these kids work 24 hours! I have been through this and this is no exaggeration.

Name withheld on request


• I have seen sleepy children being pulled by their parents to their school buses in the morning, or being dropped off at school. This is a sad situation. Children must get a good nights’ sleep for health. Most parents and schools think it’s only about education, so they drill more than what the child can comprehend without caring for his or her overall well-being. Some schools have a shift system, which works well because students are well rested and their young brains work better at school.  UAE education authorities must implement practical rules to help students grow as individuals and not as mere products of educational institutions..

K. A. Abbas, by email


• Students must sleep well to study well.  A good night’s rest gives your strength to face the day and improve your learning skills.

Simran Agarwal, by email

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