Shopping ain't for me

Apropos to "Shopping-weary Chinese husbands find refuge in man-caves (July 17) - some years ago, I too dutifully followed my partner on her shopping jaunts. When we went to big shopping malls in Dubai, I used to disappear from her sight the moment we entered the mall only to return at the payment counter after a missed call informed me of the completion of the mission. I usually went to a bookstall, browsed and smelt the pages of bestselling paperbacks. Then I would go to the organic vegetable shop where withered vegetables were displayed for sale. My sole purpose of visiting the organic shop was not to buy anything but to see who buys those astronomically priced vegetables. Incidentally, on my dozens of visits to the shop I saw less than 10 customers.
Even if those man-caves become popular, I would still prefer to be in the mall, visiting organic vegetable shops and indulging in one of my favourite hobbies - window shopping.
- K.M.Divakaran, Kannur

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