Posture makes a difference

Most of us spend long hours at workplace. Hence are unable to avoid the pitfalls of sitting, slumping and slouching. Chronic backache, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue, muscle stiffness and sciatica have become quite common among the working lot. Your posture says a lot of your personality. How you carry yourself is related to your posture.
It does wonders for your body as well as mind. Correct posture aligns the body, alleviates common problems like back and neck pain, reduces fatigue and boosts your bearing and self-confidence. The perfect posture touches almost every aspect of our lives; from appearance, health and productivity to lifting up mood.
- Jayashree Kulkarni, Abu Dhabi  
It is crazy that in a world where extreme poverty still exists, people are wasteful enough to set fire to their cars.
- Naila Tariq, Sharjah
With Beijing replacing New York as the city of billionaires, the world economy too is moving eastward.
-Julian Harry, by email

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