Political parties should support Modi govt's decision on Kashmir

Congratulations and thanks to the Narendra Modi government in India for sorting out the Kashmir issue by removing Article 370. I am sure there will be peace and prosperity in Kashmir valley soon. Domestic political families had held the valley hostage and not allowed any development to take place in the last seven decades for their own personal benefits and political power.
Modi government has taken a bold decision. Kashmiris have been suffering all along, not getting good education and medical services, whereas the children of the corrupt leaders were enjoying abroad.
Most of the leaders' children have studied abroad in the US or Europe. They are not taking up stones or guns to fight and die. Kashmir's economy is dependent on tourism, there is no industries in the valley because of Article 370. This could be a new beginning. Jammu & Kashmir could have eminent institutes of education such as the IIMs, IITs and medical colleges.
I have visited Kashmir more than five times with my family and every time we felt like living there forever. Now I can buy a small piece of land and spend time whenever I wish to. It is indeed heaven on earth.
I think all political parties in India should rise beyond petty politics and support this bold decision of the government.
- Viren Narkar, Dubai

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