Parking ticket trouble

Although I am a holder of the resident permit for car parking, the Mawaqif representative invariably issues me a wrong parking violation ticket of Dh500 for parking in unauthorised places.

By Deepa Lobo, Abu Dhabi

Published: Wed 20 Jun 2012, 9:08 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 12:44 PM

To cancel this violation ticket, I have to visit offices and wait for hours to file a complaint. I have lodged written complaints several times and no corrective action has been taken.

I was advised that this problem is due to asatellite issue and the representatives are unable to check the residence permit.

Further, I was told that I should place a copy of the renewed permit on my car’s dash board.

Despite doing this, Mawaqif representatives issued two fines within a week: Parking Violation Ticket No AD41812547 on June 9 and No AD33624326 on June 14.

After paying for the permit, why should we undergo such hassles?Each time I am told that the fine will be cancelled. But what about the time and effort required to file this complaint?All I receive is an SMS saying that the fine has been cancelled, but the saga goes on.

This is not my complaint alone.

There are many residents who are frustrated.

I have in the past suggested a common permit like in Dubai. Such a permit should be madevalid across Abu Dhabi.

Currently we pay for the parking permit for our residential area.Then we pay Dh15 per day since the work area is different from the residential area.

The residence permit does not guarantee a parking space, hence you end up paying again at your residence area for a premium parking. This is a rip off. For one car, at times you end up paying three different parking tariffs in a day and in the end get an unwanted violation ticket. This situation could be avoided if there is one common card that can be displayed on your dashboard.

I hope someone from the complaints committee will acknowledge my complaint at least this time and take corrective action instead of sending an SMS.

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