Parents influence their kids in many ways

Published: Sat 16 Nov 2019, 6:00 PM

Last updated: Sat 16 Nov 2019, 8:52 PM

The column, Happy children come from creative homes (KT, Nov 15) was a lovely read. It's true, children pick up their habits from home and if you do not give them an opportunity to discover themselves, they learn from their peers.
Parents should introduce them to the various hobbies and crafts to build up their imagination.
As a child (growing up before the dawn of cable TV and mobiles), I observed it was my mother who introduced me to reading, piqued my interest in general knowledge books and other story books. We would go to book exhibitions, browse through IQ cards and GK books. I loved my school library. And thanks to those habits, I love the company of books even now.
I have had the opportunity to stay with three different families, and each family was different. I am amazed at how the kids these days spend their time after school, unlike the past generations. Everything begins at root level and that is what all of us need to focus on.
- Karyn, Dubai

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