Our society is lacking moral education

I am writing in reference to the recent horrifying incident in Hyderabad. The blame game has already begun on who is responsible for such a heinous crime. But I think first and foremost thing to discuss should be the sluggish implementation of law (Convicts in case of Nirbhaya rape case are still alive). Besides, I think availability of cheap internet has popularised pornography. When young minds are fed on such a diet, it corrupts their way of thinking. Therefore, I think internet should be made slightly more expensive, or access to pornography sites should be restricted.
Moreover, moral education is very important and lessons should be given at schools and at homes. Are we failing to value ethics, humanity and kindness? We should certainly revisit these and inculcate good moral values in our children.
Our political leaders should also take some responsibility. What messages are we sending, when our some of our elected leaders choose to defend as an act by calling it a mistake.
We need to change attitude. We need to teach our boys to respect women.
-Haroon Khan, Dubai

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