Nayanthara's response is praiseworthy

I appreciate the response of popular South Indian film actress Nayanthara to Radharavi, an actor and senior DMK leader for the demeaning remarks he allegedly made against her. Though Radharavi said later that he regretted his remarks, it is shameful that he tried to damage the actress' popularity with such cheap remarks despite being in the same profession. As usual the remarks went viral and embarrassed Nayanthara.
However, the way Nayanthara responded to the situation is praiseworthy.
She thanked the DMK president for suspending Radharavi from all party posts and membership for the sake of discipline. Actors Taapsee Pannu and Kamal Hassan have also condemned the incident. Obviously, women should be treated with respect everywhere, be it in the film industry or any other workplace and otherwise. In my opinion, Nayanthara should take the matter to the court.
- Jafar Ayub, Dubai

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