Narendra Modi's pitch for the environment

This is regarding the column, The show did little harm, why be obnoxious? (KT, August 21). True, there is a huge uproar about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the Jim Corbett National Park and his adventures. When after much hype, a special episode of Bear Grylls Adventure series was telecast, there was a lot of flak and criticism for him, with the opposition and his detractors averting that it is nothing but a publicity stunt of his government to attract voters and enhance his public image.
Many feel that when there are a number of grave issues like Kashmir and the slowing of the economy, it is time the Modi government learnt to act prudently and pragmatically to tackle the burning problems.
Modi has donned several roles earlier - from a tea vendor, saviour of the downtrodden, working relentlessly for women's empowerment to creating awareness among people on the importance of cleanliness. His appearance on the show has to be seen in the right perspective. He was quite forthright, open and candid in his discussion during the show, and his love for the environment, adventure, nature and his concern for the planet were all clearly visible.
-Jayashree Kulkarni, Australia

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