Lost in transportation

‘Living in Greens is like living in heaven’, my friend commented looking on his iPhone map. ‘Everyone wants to go there but no one knows how to reach’.

By Muhammad Sarim, Dubai

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Published: Wed 18 Jul 2012, 8:53 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 12:43 PM

To give a background, I’ve been living in Dubai for more than a year now and the city has impressed me to the core. The state-of-art bridges and smooth underpasses amaze me whenever I pass by. It is perhaps too sophisticated and we, as humans are taking our time to evolve to that level of sophistication. The architects took the inspiration of the road network from the desert itself, no water… and plenty of opportunities to get lost.

I spent the last one year imagining the road network in Dubai as one straight line, on one end is Sharjah and on the other is Abu Dhabi and there are a vast number of exits in between. The biggest line is Shaikh Zayed Road where the destination is always one exit behind. Normally, I see my dream exit from the window as I speed past by it at 120 km/hr. Perhaps, the modern engineers did not take into account the probability of a human missing his exit. And there is no easy way to go back one exit or a U-turn. Many times, I come back home and start the journey all over again.

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