Life is not a race, definitely not a sprint

Ever so often, despite our new year resolutions and best intentions, we tend to busy ourselves with mundane tasks and inconsequential matters while unintentionally ignoring the most important person in our lives - ourselves.
The quicker realisation dawns, the better.
Time is not passing by - we are. So start giving yourself the happiness you deserve.
This is not a selfish rant. It is, in fact, reality. We live in busy times with work and family pressures, colleagues, friends, deadlines, hopes, fears and aspirations.
We are always in a hurry while contemplating the next milestone. We are so anxious about reaching the next station that the fun of the journey is lost.
It's not exactly about slowing down to smell the roses. It's about pacing ourselves.
Life is not a race and definitely not a sprint and one does not have to compete with everyone on that mythical starting line.
I guess we need to actually start living in the true sense of the word inspiring and motivating ourselves to do better and fulfill our purpose in life should be our goal.
We all have a purpose - figuring out what it is and ways to achieve it must be our goal.
Michael Guzder, Dubai

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