Let's not forget the good at the time of crisis

By Inaaya Asif, Dubai

Published: Thu 26 Mar 2020, 10:02 PM

Last updated: Fri 27 Mar 2020, 12:03 AM

We have already seen enough news about the downturn of economies, stoppage of operations, lockdowns, stay at home campaigns, etc. due to Covid-19. But there is some good as well that we might be overlooking. Time with family, for instance. Or time to do things that we truly wanted to do. And now, most of us are around the whole family. It is not a vacation but we have an opportunity to spend quality time with them. Students are having a new experience with the online learning programmes. 
More importantly, each of us are learning to appreciate what we do and what we have. The work life that once stressed us out is what we miss. So when people will get back to work, students return to schools, universities they would be on the highest levels of productivity, for a few days at least. In fact, when most of the population is home-bound the planet can expect peace and fewer grim incidents.
Such good opportunities do not surely outweigh the impact of this pandemic but the good too needs to be brought into light.

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