Less creative kids

The opinion article ‘Are our kids less creative?’ recorded some valid observations regarding nurturing of creativity among kids.

The definition of creativity and its manifestation has undergone a lot of changes in the present world.

Children are open to a lot of exposure and there is information explosion all over. Therefore, creative expression can take myriad forms and their interpretations could vary as such. Creative expression lacks freedom that it needs for its complete blooming because structured expectations narrow down children’s imagination.

A lot of ‘out of the box’ suggestions to express oneself creatively is readily available, so the desire for original expression has taken a backseat. The over insistence on analytical, problem solving abilities and the lack of special credit for creativity has probably resulted in less creative kids. With the pressure of academic expectations and lack of time and freedom to think at leisure without stress children hardly find the joy of creative expression.

Latha Narasimhan, Sharjah


• Parents would go to any extent when it comes to helping their children excel in academics. But the same cannot be said in the case of encouraging their creative instincts.

There are parents who force their kids to learn singing, dancing or even the keyboard irrespective of the fact that the child has neither the aptitude nor interest for the same. It makes them feel good to showcase these more visible talents to others. But somehow the same encouragement is not given when it comes to nurturing more subtle talents like writing or painting. Still in our society there exist the age old preferences of making your child a doctor, engineer or the like. The least we can do is to identify the correct talent and help them nurture it alongside their academic perusals. Our children are definitely not less creative, it is just that they need their parents support to bloom.

Dr. Priya Sajith, Dubai

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