Killing spree in Syria

It is a matter of grave concern that during the recent US-led strikes in Syria more than 50 innocent civilians were killed.

The strikes also devastated infrastructure, buildings and residential areas of Syrian citizens. Though, the US government has promised to investigate the cause of the casualties. However, merely promise is not the way to compensate the loss of human lives. There is a serious need to ensure complete safety of Syrian citizens and explore the possibilities to end the ongoing conflict with the extremists in which Syrian people are badly affected.

It is a matter to note that wherever an American is killed, the whole world starts reacting. However, when America and its allies invade peace loving countries to eradicate extremists, a lot of human casualties go into effect, but nobody protests and protects the innocent citizens.

The United Nations and all Arab countries are required to play a vital role for restoration of peace in the region immediately.

M Mumtaz Hussain, Dubai

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