It's an honour and a privilege to be a part of the UAE

The UAE is a land of great leaders, who have ensured that the word 'united' becomes a way of life here. This is a land where people from different nationalities are given their space, rights, and freedom to be themselves, making the UAE a truly tolerant nation. It is a land that beautifully sustains both deserts and skyscrapers. A land whose language taught me that not everything starts from the left to the right to make it right. This is a land that has gifted me friends of different nationalities. A land that makes me feel safe while I travel alone. A land that celebrates everything and everyone with respect, love, and peace. A land that is passionate and ambitious and has a vision for its future.
The UAE is not just a great nation, it is a nourishing home for expats. It is a land of opportunity and has allowed people to achieve their dreams, no matter how small or big. The UAE isn't large geographically, but the respect earned by its leaders has given it a seat on the global table. It has the power to influence and bring change. It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of this country.
-Bincy Liza Thomas, Dubai

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