Insurance facilities should be streamlined

Published: Thu 3 Oct 2019, 10:35 PM

Last updated: Fri 4 Oct 2019, 12:37 AM

The news, Medical insurance moving on from fee for service, (KT, October 2) was very informative. Such discussions will help improve insurance-related facilities for the public.
For example, the Eclaim portal, the portal to claim the health insurance service and fee under DHA, has been charging an annual fee of Dh6,250 from small medical centres. This amount is the same for big medical centres, too. I feel the fee should be charged according to the number of doctors and the usage of the portal. This would benefit the authority, medical centres and the public.
Currently, a medical centre which is making, say, just Dh2,000 annually has to pay Dh6,250 as service fee. At the same time, a centre which is using the portal heavily and making millions is also paying the same amount. I request the authorities to look into this and correct the anomaly.
- Supriya K, Dubai

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