India strike doesn't help

This refers to the report regarding Monday's nationwide strike in India, 'India government under fire over fuel prices, opposition unites for protests' (KT, September 10).  
It is unacceptable and against the wish of the common people that their rights to live have been put in peril in the name of a nationwide protest called by some political parties. Shutting offices, industries, educational institutions, retail shops etc., leads to heavy losses to the economy, and eventually comes as a burden to ordinary citizens. A protest, 'Bandh' or 'Hartal', should never impinge on the rights and privacy of others. Why is it that commoners always suffer the most, whereas politicians continue their life as usual.
This one day's standstill impacts people who have commitments at work and in their personal life. Such a movement doesn't convey any message to the youth who are the pillars of tomorrow.   
It is high time judicial norms are set to help the commoners from suffering due to such deplorable actions by political parties.
-Ramachandran Nair, Oman

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