Humans, leave space, alone

No one denies that we have mismanaged the earth’s environment and real solutions are urgently needed, but caring for the Earth and exploring space should not be a proposition.

By (Leonidas Papadopoulos, ?by email)

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Published: Wed 22 Oct 2014, 9:28 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 4:18 AM

The assertion that we ‘should leave space alone because we are destroying the Earth’, which is so common among academia and the general public, unfortunately is a dangerously close-minded oversimplification.

It is utterly funny that while people who promote this type of thinking, are constantly using some aspect of space technology in their lives like GPS, long-distance telephone communications and the Internet, and are benefited in their daily lives by space-based weather forecasting and Earth monitoring and the like.

No one denies that humans have mistreated the Earth, but the solution is not to return to a pre-industrial hunter-gatherer lifestyle. If you could realise the infinite amounts of energy resources that space can offer, which if tapped would relieve the Earth’s environment from humanity’s current exploitation of finite terrestrial resources, you would realise that active space exploration and exploitation of space energy resources is an act of caring for the Earth’s environment.

But no, according to the article (KT, October 20) we shouldn’t want to have anything to do with space. Let’s stay Earth-bound to ‘save the Earth’, while depleting the Earth’s resources in the process, when the Universe around us is providing infinite amounts of energy that we could base our energy needs as a civilisation on.

In the end, If you could look at the greater picture from the perspective of the universe, it is your views that, if they prevail, will be so harmful to the Earth that you so much proclaim to care for. Ironic, isn’t it?

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