Honouring nannies is a praiseworthy initiative

It was heartening to read about Rosie Villa, a Filipina expat, being adjudged as the best nanny in the UAE for the year 2018. The money comes at a time when it's most needed: UAE's best nanny (KT, Dec. 15). It is a dream come true for her. The win certainly is a reflection of her hard work, 17 years of selfless service, loyalty and dedication as a nanny. The prize will help her fulfil her commitments and secure her daughter's and her own future.
The award, launched by the Startup company RISE in 2016, is a great initiative that seeks to help migrant workers build a secure future, especially highlighting the issue of nanny welfare and quality.
Nannies form a vital part of many families in the UAE and play a crucial role in lives of our children. Such awards are great platforms to honour these unsung heroes, acknowledge their selfless work, encourage them to do their job better and also secure their future.
-Jayashree Kulkarni, Abu Dhabi

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