Hijacking drama

The hijack accusation from the pilot and the crew of AI Express is not a new precedent applied against protesting passengers.

By (Afzal Sainudeen, Dubai)

Published: Sun 21 Oct 2012, 8:59 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 12:47 PM

These incidents have been reported earlier wherein protesting passengers are singled out and booked on false charges.

Whereas in this case if a counter accusation is made it could be this: the plane was hijacked to Trivandrum and food, water and medical supplies were denied to the passengers.

It would also amount to putting the lives of passengers in danger. Further the pilot can also be booked for creating false hijack alarm. If the truth is probed it was a case wherein the airline management wanted to cover up its inefficiency by denying the passengers food, hotel accommodation and further arrangement to reach their destination.

Thanks to the social media, this incident was not swept under the carpet and the outside world knew what was going on in the aircraft. The airline management should not be allowed to escape its responsibilities by suspending the pilot for a few weeks until the issue stops smouldering.

The airline should be asked to refund the proceeds for the entire journey to each passenger and set a good precedent in the airline industry. Such action will ensure that the airline management does not resort to gimmicks to hide their inefficiency.

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