Gulf countries should help rebuild Syria

Daesh has been wiped out of Syria and now the country must rise and build itself (KT, March 9). The Syrian conflict has gone on for far too long. It started in 2011, and has taken more than eight years to come to an end. Different powers have finally realised the futility of this war. This conflict is one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of the recent times. The horrifying massacre of hundreds of thousands of Syrians in the town of Houla, Aleppo, and at other places, and the atrocities on innocent Syrian civilians have been condemned by the world at large. There were no distinctions made in this war and civilians mostly bore the brunt of the intensive fighting. Millions have been displaced and hundreds and thousands killed. The best course for President Bashar Al Assad will be to win back the hearts of his people who have serious grievances against his regime.
Political and social reforms should be given a priority and also economic reforms. The youngsters who had joined Daesh should be counseled and rehabilitated. This is the only way forward to bring peace. Gulf countries have a special role to play in Syria. The countries have enjoyed good relations with Syria for ages, the leadership of Gulf countries should now come forward and help rebuild Syria.
- Ramesh G Jethwani, Bangalore, India

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