Good samaritans do exist in this world

While most people who do good prefer to remain unknown , it is heartening to know that their good deeds serve society. The inherent goodness the rare tribe has in them is the reason the earth is continuing to function and exist in this manner. One wonders though, if it can be sustained and for how long.
Recently, a friend of mine spoke to me about a chance meeting with a young lady who hails from the Philippines and is here on a short visit. My friend was amazed to see this lady clearing the litter from the Marina Corniche in Fujairah along the beachside, oblivious to curious stares. She has made it a practice to spend an hour by the beachside gathering as many cans, plastic bottles and other items that lay strewn along her path. This is despite the best efforts by the municipality workers who complete their fair share of work every day and have now come to accept her as a kindred spirit.
When asked if she needed help, all she mentioned was for others to consciously join the movement (in spirit if not, physically) by not throwing the trash about the area. Such are the works of good samaritans.
- Anitha Padanattil, Dubai

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