Don't fall for this fraud

Published: Thu 25 Jan 2018, 8:00 PM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jan 2018, 10:05 PM

I would like to bring to your notice a fraud where my husband and I got fooled. I hope this would serve as a warning to other readers. In October 2017 my husband and I were talked into buying a holiday plan costing Dh22,500. One of those plans extends for over 10 years and you could use their hotels/guesthouses. It was a long day and we essentially did something quite out of character by paying up. The next morning we realised it was a mistake. The company had promised a 7-day cooling-off period during which time we could cancel the deal. And we did, within 16 hours. However, the company officials played hard to reach, not answering e-mails and phone calls. After two months and a complaint with the Department of Economic Development, Abu Dhabi, they gave us a post-dated cheque for December 31, 2017. We deposited it during the first week of this month. But the cheque bounced. When we called their contact person he forwarded us the accountant's phone number. But the accountant keeps disconnecting our calls.
We have since read up on the internet about this company. They have a history of committing frauds. They have an office in Dubai and a fitness club in Abu Dhabi where they operate from. We were shocked that such an offence could continue for so long. Although this company deserves to be exposed, we have no intention of defaming anyone. All we want is to get our money back.
-Rashmi Kumar, Abu Dhabi

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