Dh13,000 Dewa bill

I received a huge Dewa water bill for Dh13,000 in only 45 days due to a faulty overflow valve in the water tank located underground in the garden.

By Taoufik El Oualidi, Dubai

Published: Wed 20 Jun 2012, 9:06 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 12:44 PM

When informed, the subcontractor’s technicians came and worked on the issue for two days to say that there was no problem! The subcontractor, said that a “tiny piece of grass” had blocked the overflow valve, causing the water to leak directly to the sewage for almost a month. As the whole system is underground, there was no possibility for us to discover the problem till we got the bill.

My question as to how a tiny piece of grass could travel along the pipes despite filters, was answered by a smile by the management!

The alarm system that was supposed to go off in such cases was never connected and the subcontractors are accusing us of disconnecting the alarm cable. ‘Somebody disconnected the alarm they said!

I am planning to take up the case with the Ministry of Economy and later to court, and need to know if any other residents are facing issues with their Dewa water bills due to the bad quality of the infrastructure at the Jumeirah Village Triangle.

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