Children: Agents of refreshment

The Opinion article ‘Get out of the Rut’ (KT, March 28) reminded the readers of a great rejuvenating treat available in the form of children. The perspective of young kids is so different and unique and so individualistic that it forces adults to come out of their seasoned responses and approaches.

The school kids act as stress busters providing the much needed relief from monotony and robotic responses. Their enthusiasm and attitude of finding magic in ordinary things forces adults to take a new look and consider living for the moment as the best option. Children, in fact, add the pep and resolve to the forgotten child in every human being.

Even amidst grave situations a minor action or gesture of the children and their casual approach to many aspects of life teach lessons and come as a pleasant morning breeze. In fact, just observing them inadvertently while they play with each other does the trick.

Latha Narasimhan, Sharjah

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