Carry your own bags to the grocery

Thank you Khaleej Times for taking up the issue of wide use of plastic which is of serious global concern. I would like to call upon all businesses in the UAE, especially supermarkets and groceries, and propose an initiative. Many supermarkets sell reusable bags. This is a welcome initiative, but, does it really help fight the problem? I believe, it doesn't. On an average, groceries worth Dh100 would require three to four plastic bags and this should cost say about Dh1. So, if supermarkets introduce a reward of say 1 to 2 per cent off, or Dh1 or 2 less for every Dh100 worth of purchases, customers will be encouraged to come with reusable bags. Over a period of time, people will get used to this and carrying bags for purchases will become a habit. Also, the government should consider introducing a recognition programme for those who reduce plastic usage.
Let the UAE lead the way.
-James Pullatt, Dubai

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