Boeing 737 Max8 must be grounded

The crash of Ethiopian Airlines' Boeing 737 Max 8 minutes after being airborne is similar to the crash of Lion Air flight 610. It is unfortunate and points to the inadequate investigation, and lack of resolution of the fault that led to the first crash. Reports say the air speed sensing system may have put the plane in steep nose dive automatically to prevent stalling. The changeover or control by the pilots could be very tough if the air speed indicator malfunctions. Unfortunately, the fault of vertical airspeed shown by the indicator was rectified four times in the Lion Air plane but it still met with the accident. It is essential that all 300 planes of this make be grounded and investigation be carried out. And before the plane is reintroduced, sufficient test flights should be conducted. The uncertain interface between human and Artificial intelligence needs to be honed and perfected.
-Aftab Ahmed. Dubai

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