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Awareness campaigns on school bus norms, please

Published: Sun 29 Sep 2019, 8:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 29 Sep 2019, 10:13 PM

A lot has been said about school buses and the norms to be followed, but I think more clarification is required on what exactly motorists should do when a school bus is parked for children to board or disembark.
I fully agree that children's safety is top priority and motorists should support and follow rules. But my doubt is, if a school bus is parked by the side of a main road for children to disembark from the right side of the bus, should motorists stop behind the bus or can they overtake the bus from the left side and drive away? I understand the stop sign on school buses expects motorists to stop vehicles to ensure safety of the students as they cross the road.
However, I am sure no sensible parent would risk crossing the road except at designated zebra crossings where by and large there are signals. Of course, all by-lanes in the city should strictly adhere to the 'Stop' policy.
I hope my doubts would be cleared. Awareness campaigns on school bus safety will help not only the students and their parents but other motorists, as well.
- Arvind Dhumale, Dubai

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