An act of rape strips an entire society of dignity

The brutal rape and murder of our women continues unabated in Asia and Africa.
The grotesques murders have prompted serious soul searching as this escalating menace is pervasive in lawless nations. Violent rape and murders in our beleaguered country's cannot continue without drastic consequences for the perpetrators. Violence has become a far too accepted part of the fabric of contemporary life in many lands. It is unacceptable to live in a nation that calls itself civilised and holds up its values to the world as exemplary, and yet does not protect its most vulnerable members. One of our core basic needs is safety. Our aloof politicians shed tears, but make no definite legislation. There are proclamations and calls but we cannot count on enactment.
We are grimly witnessing hundreds getting wounded and killed in unimagineable numbers, dividing our delusional society into enemies and allies. The planet is awash with deranged humans whose passions have focused on the murder of the less strong. We are far from being civilised. The intention to create a civilised society may be waning. The world is sick at heart, nauseated, listening to our leaders who are hauled out after a horrific murder jolt our souls.
The latest incidents have left the global community in horror-struck convulsion. These ghastly deeds have shocked the collective conscience of society. Strong emotions of    retribution are gathering momentum because the offences were committed in an extremely brutal, grotesque, diabolical, revolting and dastardly manner. The gravity of these heinous crimes depicts hair-raising, beastly behaviour. These animals must be removed from society. They depict extreme mental perversion not worthy of human condonation. Our courts and the criminal justice system need to instil faith in society by adopting a zero-tolerance policy. Inaction will have a grave impact on our social order. We have only to feel the volume of empathy and communal suffering that these heinous crimes have kindled. Civilians are inconsequentially in the way of these atrocities. Fear and paranoia have engulfed our inner being. The global community must declare rapists who murder, 'Hostis humani generis' (Latin for 'enemy of mankind').
- Farouk Araie, Johannesburg, South Africa

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