A flight to Georgia and back

This letter is a narration of the bad experience we had during our planned holiday to Georgia during the Eid weekend. Before jetting off, we went through the country's visa policy and understood that visitors with a valid UAE residence visa are eligible for a Georgian visa on arrival. We have been residents of the UAE for almost 20 years. We completed the rest of the formalities through a travel agent. However, once we reached Georgia, we were held back at the immigration. We were questioned on the purpose of our visit. However, they did not bother to listen to us, and instead asked us to return to Dubai by the same flight. No explanations were provided. My husband and I, both over 50, were exhausted, shocked and humiliated. We really don't have any clue as to why we were not allowed entry. My husband is a Palestinian holding a Syrian travel document and I am a Bangladeshi national. Yes, we respect every country's immigration rules. But it is only right that they are explained so that visitors are prepared.
-Amena Begum, Dubai

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