UAE federal courts handled commercial cases worth Dh346.8 million this year

Cases range from financial claims, cancellation of administrative decisions, end-of-service benefits, tax disputes, and others


Ismail Sebugwaawo

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Photo: File
Photo: File

Published: Mon 29 Nov 2021, 5:13 PM

More than 1,840 commercial cases with a total value of Dh346.8 million have been handled by UAE judicial officials during this year, authorities have announced.

The Ministry of Justice said the cases ranging from financial claims, cancellation of administrative decisions, end-of-service benefits, tax disputes, disputes over trademarks, and others, were received by the federal and local government courts from January to October 2021.

As part of the annual report issued by the ministry on its most prominent achievements, officials said 731 court rulings were issued in these cases, achieving 75 percent of those rulings in the interest of the state.

The Department of State Cases said during this year, it has registered 257 executive lawsuits in the interest of the state, with a financial value of Dh346. 8 million out which Dh16.8 million was deposited in the country’s treasury.

The annual report stated that the Department of Technical Experts and Translators Affairs was able to achieve many achievements during 2021, as the number of experts registered in the Ministry of Justice’s schedule reached 327 experts in 32 specializations, 6 percent of whom are female and 94 percent male.

Authorities carried out technical audit and inspection of the work of the experts by 35 percent, and measures were taken against some based on the outputs of the technical audit, at a rate of 84 percent.

Also, 309 applications were reviewed and submitted electronically for registration in the expert list in various disciplines, and the number of those who passed the exams and were registered reached 26 experts.

The report indicated that the number of complaints submitted against experts reached 18, representing 6 percent of the total number of experts registered in the table, which numbered 300.


Officials said the number of complaints against experts had decreased during the past year by 2 percent, as a result of measures taken against them, in addition to providing them with training programs in all disciplines to raise the efficiency.

Earlier this month, the statistical report of the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department’s Mediation and Conciliation Centres said from January to September 2021, more than 1,700 commercial disputes in Abu Dhabi were settled amicably by the mediation and conciliation officials without going to courts over a period of nine months.

Officials said the total number of civil and commercial disputes that reached these centres across Abu Dhabi were 9,388 disputes, while the number of cases handled and settled was 8,670 with a conciliation rate of about 21 percent totaling 1,794 disputes.

The report showed that the number of disputes resolved in Abu Dhabi region were 6,120 cases out of which 1,245 were concluded through conciliation.

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